The right smells. The right equipment. Bringing comfort to you, wherever, whenever.

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Comfort to your living spaces.


Moods. Relaxation. Calm.


Productive. Satisfied. Enjoyable.


Wellness. Mentally. Physically.

Our Technology

Karrot & Espri-10

Our industry’s predecessors were meant for personal use. But we believe comfort is a shared right.

A single machine can fill up to 1000 sq. ft.

Workspaces with social distancing measures would have about 5 people per 300 sq. ft.

Provide comfort for up to 15 people

Fully customizable and automated

Essential Oils

EspriNatural & EspriSelect

Here are our exclusive essential oils. Mouse over or click on the images to know more about our essential oils.

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  • EspriNatural
  • EspriSelect

Minty Delight

Spring water running through a handful of mint, the smell of freshness, its gentle touch. A touch of orange, subtle citrus.

Luxurious Comfort

A warm embrace from nature. Hints of geranium and the sweet musk of patchouli accompany earthy cedarwood - soulful scents.

Nature Walk

Into the woods, wherever you are. It is off the beaten path, wild lavenders swaying, woody nutmegs, earthen gingers.

Naturally Balmy

Take a whiff. You catch neroli and basil. Take a second. Clary sage arises. Take a third. Lemongrass tickles your senses. And the fourth?

Oriental Zest

It is mysterious. Wild flowers and their affectionate touch, woody tones ask you to stay a little longer. Let it enchant you, if not for the last time.

Blood Orange Granita

A splendid cocktail of cheerful orange and grapefruit, sweet and vivacious, with notes of basil. This is the start of summer.

Mandarin Paradise

A tropical citrus orchestra, a grand symphony accompanied by herbal tones. A zesty song that brings you awake, refreshing your senses.

Tender Earth

A wonderful and lush blend of green notes, flowers and warm woods, perfect for anytime of the year.

Roof Garden

A sweet-smelling blooms bring the initial rush of sensation to the experience.

Spanish Lady

A sweet smell which takes you back to Spain, walking along the supermarket streets.

Mint Tea

The aroma of Peppermint Essential Oil is familiar and pleasant to most. Its a favorite around Christmas and the holidays, but is also popular year round.

Geranium Green

Geranium Essential Oil rightfully holds a beautiful reputation as an essential oil that is especially well suited for women.


Our Pricing

Here are our pricing. Comfort is not expensive. From rates as low as S$4 a day.


up to 50 hours/month
  • Espri-10: S$98/month
  • Karrot: S$196/month

Best suited for offices, based on an operating schedule of 9 hours per day, 22 days per month.



up to 90 hours/month
  • Espri-10: S$128/month
  • Karrot: S$256/month

Best suited for retailers, based on an operating schedule of 10 hours per day, 26 days per month.



up to 120 hours/month
  • Espri-10: S$168/month
  • Karrot: S$336/month

Best suited for heavy use, based on an operating schedule of 12 hours per day, 30 days per month.



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